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Hey everyone. Its been a while since I have written, apart from all the encounters I have had so far, I really liked this once, hence the story begins; I am 19 years old, tall, athletic and bit chubby I was really horny and put up an ad online. Scrolling through the responses, I found a mature top, who seemed very direct, he introduced himself and he said he was 47 years old and was half Israeli, tall and pretty bulky, he was a bit fair and went by the name of lavi.

He asked me to come over and even booked a cab and paid for it. Upon reaching his residence, it was pretty posh, he told me that he wanted to have sex today itself because his wife was out of the station. Lavi poured me a drink, I am sure it was scotch, we talked about our interests, he wanted me to suck his cock and give him a rim job. And he told that hed like to try his fantasy which was to lick vanilla ice cream off his arsehole. I was quite horny so I was fine with it.

The mood was set, he dimmed the lights and began surfing and watching porn, we came across this amazing video of this hot girl getting pounded from behind and getting a cumshot, on the other hand, made me lose it, I started feeling lavi cock, which was very hard. He immediately paused the video and began kissing me, I normally dont like kissing men but I really enjoyed this, I too responded, there was a lot of tongue, I removed his black t-shirt and began kissing his chest slowly pushed him to the bed and began playing around with has navel region, for a 47-year-old he was really fit!

He removed my t-shirt and began squeezing my chest and pinching my nipple. He got up, sat on the edge of the beg and asked me to go down on my knees and unzip his pants, I did as he told. I went slow on his boxers, I kissed it and played around with it, until I pulled it down and held his cock. It was admirable, it was 5.5 inches and it was thick, I licked the top of his cock and we made eye contact, he really loved it and groaning. I began sucking his cock really slowly. I could feel his hand on my head telling me to go lower, I did as he told. And went on sucking until he told me to stop. He went to the refrigerator and took out a tub of ice cream opened it and asked me to kneel across the wall as slid his cock and into my mouth and took control and came on my chest.

He now brought the tub of ice cream and sat on the bedspread his legs and asked me to apply the ice cream in his arsehole, I properly applied the melting ice cream in his arsehole and in his inner thigh region and his cock. I began by sucking his cock again. The remaining semen and ice cream wasnt really bad. I went lower gave his balls a good suck and I stuffed mouth in his asshole. I began licking the ice cream it was all becoming sticky. This feel was amazing for both of us. He pulled to head closer to his arsehole made me rub it with my nose and asked me to lick in deeper, he was really having a great time. He stopped and opened his drawer and gave me a condom, I sucked his cock again and fastened it on his cock.

He made me sit in a doggy style position and applied lube and massaged my arsehole, he slowly began inserting it, I went “Ahhhhh” “Slowly please” and he went gentle, the pain wasnt too much and now was becoming pleasurable. I felt like a real slut moaning and telling him yes again and again. He removed his cock and dipped it into the tub of vanilla ice cream and asked me to suck it again, while he was at it he was like “Taste your arse”. I sucked the ice cream off his cock and he asked me to stop.

He sat on the bed and asked me to lie down and began spanking me and kept telling me that I was his whore. It was painful but I quite made it obvious that I wanted more of it. He ordered me to be back in bed with legs stretched out and up, while he began inserting it harder and harder, the bed was shaking and after a few minutes he said “Get down on your knees, I am gonna cum” I did as he told, took out his cock and sucked it again and stroked it, warm semen hit my forehead and face, I tried to turn his cock he took it and inserted into my mouth and asked to swallow the rest.

He gave me the tub and asked me to eat ice cream while he gave me a handjob, I was like “Aaahhh” “Yessss” after the release. I took the cream and applied it all over his lips french kissed him. All this fucking made us dirty and tired. After half an hour lying down, we went to the shower where we made out again and I sucked his cock, blowjobs in the shower is suck a bliss, it was amazing. There was no force at all, he was enjoying it, I was fingering his arsehole while doing it and he came on my face. We were done showering all clean, he ordered dinner and made sure I was fed well. He was chivalrous and booked a cab and asked me to call once Id reach home. He said that hed call if he was free again or booked in a hotel during conferences.

So this was what happened the other day, please do let me know how you liked it or disliked it. Please contact me on Kik, my username is tom jerry.

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