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I am Krishna. This story is a continuation of my previous one ‘Sex With My Pregnant Girlfriend‘.OK

As I had few emails requesting to narrate the story in English, here I am writing in English. Lets go straight to the story.

After six months of delivery of the baby, Sailu returned home. I went to her house in the name of meeting newborn baby. I rang the doorbell.

As she was breastfeeding the baby, Sailu asked me to wait for a moment to open the door. When she came to open the door, I am astonished to see her glowing face and radiant skin tone. Her very soft cheeks turned to red with her overwhelming smile. She lost all the weight gained during pregnancy except post pregnant belly, and heavy bouncing milky tankers, pointing out the wet milk spots on nipples from the bra-less cotton night dress.

I can say that she was so happy to see me. This time, I am seeing her without any ornaments on her body and was so simple. She informed that she has to get ready to take the baby to the hospital. Her husband will come to hospital from office and they will get back home together.

I told her that I will drop her to the hospital in my car as I am going in that way. She asked to wait for 15 minutes to get fresh up and ready. After some time, I heard some weird mild sounds from her room. Surprisingly, the attached bathroom door in the room was partially open and she is not in the room.

So I slowly went near to bathroom door. She was bent towards the wash basin and pressing her nipples/boobs. I didnt understand what’s happening. I went back a bit as if I am entering the room just now and whispered, “Are you okay?”

She came out covering her breasts and with tears saying, “I am not.”

“What’s the matter?” I asked.

As we were pretty close, she told me straight away that the baby is not well and didnt drink the milk from yesterday. She has cramps on her breasts and unable to take a breath.

Its paining horribly. She hugged me and cried. I tapped on her back and told her not to worry. On the other end, I was shocked and not sure how to help her. I got an idea and I took her near the bed and comforted her with towel dipping in hot water for 5 minutes. Then I slipped the cloth on the breast to see what happen to her giant melons.

Damn! They were tremendously swollen with clearly visible green veins swelling. I felt very sorry for her and felt bad to see her in pain. I held back my composure and wanted to do something to make her feel normal.

I removed my shirt and trouser, took her to the bathroom and turned on the hot shower. She stood face towards the shower wall and hot water dripping from her swollen breasts. I stood close behind her placing my hand on her belly.

We stood like that for 20 minutes. I removed her wet top. No bra as the breasts were swollen, even feeding bra wont fit. I firmly took the breasts with my hands. They were quite heavy and big to hold with hand, must be of a 38D size, 8kg each.

I asked her how she is bearing this much weight? She told that she got relief from pain and bit comfortable and lucky to have me at this time.

She laughed quietly and asked me, “Do you like big ones?”

I was aroused, and my tool became hard and long . I pressed Sailus nipples.

“Ahhhh…no…. painnnnnful…please dont touch them. They are very sore and need to empty my breasts slowly. Krishna, I can’t bear this weight anymore.”

She begged me to empty by drinking her hot milk as there is no breast pump in the house. I prefer expressing them out manually rather than drinking. So I started slowly pressing the nipples to squeeze out the milk.

She was unable to bear the pain for 10 minutes. She was crying loudly and later she calmed down. Initially, milk is coming, is not coming out as it was blocked. Later started to come out very thick and now pouring like a milk leaked pipeline.

I was surprised to see the milk spilled from nipple sides as well. When asked about it, she said that she had pierced her nipples during her stay in the college hostel. She had seen a North Indian girl with beautiful gold nipples rings changing to a barbell. She liked the idea to pierce her nipples rather than multiple ear studs, for which she would need her mother’s permission.

It also helped her to normalize her inverted nipples to breastfeed her baby. After the marriage, she removed the nipple rings and wants to re-pierce after second kid. So the milk is coming out of them now. I was very much into the mood now and I held her hair and started pampering. I squeezed out all of the milk, relieved the weight and her boobs shrank to normal size. Still big!

She became normal now. My hand moved a little bit down below her belly stretch marks, towards the love hole. She stood up relaxing and I touched her clitoris and rubbed it. She tried to remove my hand from there.

Then inserted my two figures at a time into her pussy. Here is the twist. I sense a soft latex kind of material and removed my figures. Sailu laughed loudly and said that she is on her periods now, and it’s the menstrual cup inserted in!!!

I got pissed off for a moment but hugged her, planted my kiss on her forehead. She thanked me for the help and we moved out. She wore a sari to go out. Her pallu was covering her breasts which were trying to jump out of the tight blouse. I would be lucky to have an indian sex wife like her.

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