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Hello friends, this is Bunny from Hyderabad. This is my first story of an indian vergin sex experience on ISS and I am a big follower of this site for the past 5 years. So I thought of sharing my real life experience here. I hope I wont disappoint you guys.

First, let me describe myself. I am a good looking guy, 6 ft tall, fair and with 6.5 inches rod to dig beautiful pussies! Thats it and I won’t bore you guys much. So boys, get your rods into your hand and my dear ladies, get ready to finger your beautiful pussies and press those horny boobs!

Lets jump into the story.  This happened 3 years back when I was studying B Tech in a college at my place. It was my first year and I was around 18 years old then. The heroine of this story is my girlfriend Hema.

To describe her, she is a very hot girl in our college and she use to get proposals even from our seniors. There are so many fans for her in the college as she was a dancer and use to maintain her body so well. Her stats are 36-30-38 and her butts were the most beautiful thing in her for which I used to die for. Any man looking at her will be imagining having her on their bed any time.

One fine day while we were preparing for our semester exams, she invited me to her house to teach her Mathematics (just as a reason to enjoy). Her mom was so cool and she knew me from year 1 and Hema had told her I was her close friend and all.

So, it was a weekend and I went to her home in the morning around 10 am. Luckily, her father was out of town as he was into some business.

I reached there and saw Hema and her friend Manu (female) with books.  I joined them pretending that we are for studying and something romantic was going on under the cover.

We studied, played and done some chit chat till noon and then her mom served lunch with chicken curry and all.

After an hour, her mom went downstairs to her room and she slept over there. Noticing that, my girlfriend gave some gesture to Manu and she silently left Hema’s house.

Here starts the real masala.

My girlfriend went down and cross-checked whether her mom was really asleep. Then she came to the room where I was waiting for her. She came inside and locked the door.

The room was filled with a romantic aroma, our hearts started pounding and my little Johnny started getting his muscles tight just by looking into her eyes. Hema came closer and hugged me tightly. Her 36C boobs were crushing on my chest and we started kissing wildly like there was no tomorrow.

I slowly started pressing her butts to which she was getting turned on and she started removing my t-shirt. Meanwhile, I removed her top and within no time, we were semi-nude. Hema was in a black bra which was struggling to hold her huge firm tits. I removed it and pressed them hard, to which she gave a beautiful moan, “Aaaaaaaaahhhh.”

I got hornier by that and started sucking them and biting her nipples. She held my head harder and pressed even tightly saying, “thaagey baava naa boobs neevey pisikey champey”. (Suck them like hell, those tits are yours to enjoy, my love).

Then I went down to her navel and turned her around. There comes the part which I love the most the beautiful ass of her.

I roughly removed her pants and removed her undies in a jiffy. She was like, “Enti baava masth aakali medha unnatunnavgaa enjoy”.

And then I started burying my head into her ass and she was responding well. I rubbed her pussy which was beautiful and pink with a little hair. I loved it. Hema was moaning like hell, “Aaaaahhhh baava naaka raa aa pussy ni”. (I want your tongue inside me very badly).

Listening to this, I rushed my tongue into her pussy. The aroma of her pussy made me go mad. We both were in cloud 9 and she was like, “Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.. come on, baby.. fuck.. fuck fuck.. aaaaaaaahhhhh”

She was pressing my head so hard and vigorously to her pussy that I wasn’t able to breathe for a minute. She was being so dominant and wild. And after this session which lasted for 10-15 minutes, she released her juices over my mouth with a loud moan, “Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh.”

My girlfriend gave me a naughty smile and said that it was her turn to return the favor.

I told her to remove my underwear with her teeth and lips to which she obeyed. While removing my underwear, my dick hit on her face in a spring action. She laughed and was amazed at its size and 3-inch thickness.

“Wow, Bunny. I love this naught monster”, she said.

In no time, she took it completely into her mouth and I started mouth fucking her. Trust me guys, even it was her first time but she made it look like a pro (thanks to all the porn movies especially ‘Johnny sins).

It was also the day I came to know how desperate she was. She was giving me a beautiful blowjob and I was enjoying it so much. The room was filled with our moans and hot steamy atmosphere.

After 15 minutes of hardcore blowjob, I said I was about to cum. She then opened her mouth wide like a pornstar and started stroking my dick faster. I cummed a huge load in her mouth and without wasting a single drop, she drank all of it.

We hugged each other tightly and started kissing wild again. In 10 minutes, my dick got hard again and started pressing to her sexy pussy. She gave a sexy look and said, “you are ready so soon”.

Then I said, “llet’s do it, babe” and she adjusted herself in the missionary position.  I put a pillow under her hips and started inserting her. Though I fingered her while licking her pussy, it was still a tough job to enter inside her. I pushed a bit harder and she closed her eyes in pleasure and pain and just the tip of the dick entered her.

Then I took out my dick and made another try; a bit harder this time. Hema opened her eyes and tears started rolling out. She screamed in pain. I was worried that her mom might wake up and immediately, I planted a kiss on her lips to control her sounds. And in 2 to 3 shots, I was completely inside my girlfriend and she was in full pain.

“Baava masth noppi lesthundhi andhi”.

I saw little blood stains on my dick. I slowly started moving in and out. After a few moments, she adjusted herself and started enjoying.

Soon her pain turned into pleasure and started with enjoying like hell, “Aaaaaaaahhhhh baava.. come on, fuck me like your bitch.. come on my love… aaaaahh aaaaaaahhhhhh.”

I started increasing my pace and she was loving it. Then I said that I wanted to fuck her in doggy style. Immediately, she turned around; raising her butt. I kissed her butts, licked her asshole and started inserting into her pussy. She was enjoying my dick inside her.

I bent forward holding her tits, kissed her and fucked her hard. She was like, “Aaaaahhhhhhhh come on faster faster.. Yes yes.. Oohhhh yeah fuck baby fuck fuck”.

We slowed down and she came to cowgirl position and started riding my dick like hell. I was loving it. And after about a steamy session of 20 minutes, I told her that I was about to cum. Soon I let out a load on her huge tits and navel. Hema licked all of it.

It was nearly 45 minutes of total action and we kissed each other and slept exhausted.  After an hour, we came back to our senses and saw each other lying nude on her bed. We quickly dressed up and washed our faces and been normal like nothing happened. In the evening at 5 pm, I left her home.

Thats my story, friends. Hope you all enjoyed it. Sorry if I bored you but please give me your valuable feedback at [email protected] so that I can share my other experiences.

Hot unsatisfied aunties and lovely girls in Hyderabad text me on hangouts for sex chats, dating and lot more. I will be waiting for your feedback and all. Love you all; especially lovely pussies over there.

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