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Hi my name is Sid. This is my first story here on ISS. A little bit about me first. I am an athletic looking 27-year-old guy from Mumbai. I work as a doctor. My height is 5 ft 11 in. I have broad shoulders and a decent sized penis.

Now, to the story. (I have changed the names of other people involved in this story)

It happened a few years ago at a friends house in Lonavla. During that time, I was dating a girl named Saima who was also a doctor. We had been invited to my friend Yashs house to spend a nice relaxing night there with his girlfriend Nyma and couple of their friends.

It was a very warm Saturday afternoon that we took the drive up to Lonavla. Saima and I were both in a relaxed mood heading up to the house. We had arrived a bit late and were pleasantly surprised when we saw the other couples in the swimming pool with drinks in their hands already. Saima and I then went upstairs to change and join the others. Saima was a slim 55 girl with a 32B rack and a wonderful ass that I loved squeezing.

She changed into a nice light blue bikini and I had a great time watching her get into those clothes. Once we got into the pool, we started off the festivities with a few drinks. Yash and Nyma were also in the pool attire and Nyma was wearing a gorgeous black bikini which was showing off her petite dusky figure perfectly. She was much shorter than Saima but had a very well proportioned figure.

While taking the swim, the effects of the alcohol started to hit all of us and made us quite excitable. I was constantly grabbing Saimas butt and she kept responding by grabbing my penis. So I quickly moved her into the corner and we started making out in the pool. On the other side, Nyma and Yash had a similar situation going on and I could see Yash slip down a part of the bra and start sucking on Nymas nipple.

This turned the both of us on and we decided to head upstairs and clean ourselves and have some fun. We ran and threw open the bathroom door and I quickly stripped of all of Saimas clothes and found a stool to sit down on.

Now Saima jumped on me and started kissing me all over and then stuck her hand straight down into my shorts and started tugging on my hard cock. She then removed my shorts and made me sit on the bench and started giving me a blowjob. She really knew how to suck cock and my cock went deeper into her throat. I started groaning with pleasure.

After about 10 minutes, she could not control herself and wanted me inside of her and decided to fuck me cowgirl style. She got on top and gently guided my throbbing rod into her pussy. The feeling was unbelievable.

She was so wet inside that my cock slipped in easily and she started riding me. She started the, “Oooh yes” moaning and then begged me to fuck her wet pussy. I was in heaven. I could feel her squirming on top of my cock in pleasure. After about 10 minutes of riding me, Saima decided she wanted to get fucked in the shower.

I turned on the water to just the right temperature for her and then pinned her against the glass door and started to rail her in doggy style. The moaning kept getting louder and I kept fucking her faster and faster. Within 5 minutes, her body started to shake and the oohs and aahs reached a fever pitch. I knew she was close to cumming and soon her juices exploded and the walls of her pussy wrapped around my cock. The immense pressure pushed me beyond the edge and I told her I was about to cum.

She then said, “I want to swallow it.” The slutty freak then took my cock out and sucked all the juices. My cock exploded in her mouth and some of the cum spilled out. We then proceeded to get cleaned up and took a short nap before dinner.

After we got dressed and got some food into our system, we started having a few drinks by the pool. Everyone quickly changed into their swimming clothes again and decided to get back in to the pool. After a few more drinks, we decided to play never have I ever.

A short while into the game, Nyma said she had never done it and my wonderful horny mind suggested the idea to everyone else. Nyma was ok with the idea and convinced Saima to go with it as well, expecting the water to cover all their assets. The third couple then decided they had had enough for the evening and headed off to their room.

The four of us stripped down and were chilling out in the pool but the sexual tension was palpable. Soon both couples slipped off into different corners of the pool and started making out. I had pinned Saima to a wall of the pool and soon my dick was rock hard again.

I slowly caressed the outside of her thigh and moved up and started grabbing her boobs. Her breathing became heavier with each movement and she then felt my hard cock under the water and grabbed it and started stroking it. Meanwhile, at the other end of the pool, Nyma was moaning exceptionally loudly as Yash had clearly begun to fuck the shit out of her.

After about 2 minutes, of playing with each other, Saima spread her legs and said, “Fuck me hard!” I was in no position to deny her request. I quickly slipped my cock into her wet pussy and could feel the warmth.

She started moaning gently and her breathing started getting heavier as my cock slammed into the walls of her pussy. The moaning from both ends of the pool was now loud enough that everyone could hear. The pleasure of that moment was immense. Our movements had become synchronized and I could sense she had another orgasm building.

Nyma and Yash then slipped out of the pool as I carried on fucking Saima. After about 5 minutes, she then said, “Lets get to the bedroom and you can fuck the shit out of me.”

We ran upstairs after drying off and she then went to change into something sexier. The red lace nighty that she had brought had my cock up and ready within seconds. We then started to kiss and intertwine our bodies on the bed.

I slowly kissed her neck very softly and started my way down her body. I gently sucked her boobs and rolled my tongue around her nipples which allowed me to see her moan in pleasure. Then I went down to her navel and removed her pink panties to expose a soaking wet pussy.

She then started to push my head towards her pussy. I started by licking her clit and she could not control herself. As I sucked her pussy and licked it, she started squirming and moaning, “ooohhhhh”.

Within five minutes, she again grabbed my cock and stuck it inside. I fucked her in the missionary position. Her body was squirming in pleasure and soon we were both ready to come. I increased my speed and could feel the wetness and tightness get intense around my cock. We both came at the same time. After that; we slept naked, wrapped in each other’s arms.

The next morning we woke up and had another steamy session and then headed back home.

Thanks for reading. If anyone wants to give me some feedback or just have some fun online, leave a comment or email me on [email protected]

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