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Hello ISS readers. I have been a silent reader for around 5 years now. Recently, I wished I could share my own story of losing my virginity to my boyfriend. I am Udita residing in Bangalore, India. And I am a native of a small town in Surat, but for the sake of my career, I am here.

I have always been a shyly sexually active person ever since the time I discovered about sex during my early teenage. Pleasing myself through masturbation has always been a satisfaction to me. I am presently 22, and I lost my virginity on my 18th birthday to my then boyfriend, Rahul.

Since then, I have had too many sexcapades and I wish to narrate about all of them.

I am a beautiful girl, and I do not shy away from saying that guys look at me twice when I am dressed to kill. My stats read as 34-26-36. I love the attention I get from guys when I am roaming around.

Bangalore treated me well, but the best thing I liked about it was Tinder! I was told about Tinder by my friends when I was in my native but I never found any good looking male I could match with, and then comes Bangalore.

I was matched with this guy named Rahul after maybe a week of my arrival and we exchanged numbers. He was a tall guy standing at 59″, with gym trained arms and a cute face.

We became good friends and I didn’t realize when we actually started to like each other. We were like those mushy couples totally in love. Yes, we talked about sex but could never make it happen in the initial 3 months of our relationship as I lived in a PG and his flat was never empty.

The phone sex used to get steamy every time and I was dying to present my virginity to him. He was an experienced guy when it came to sex having screwed 3-4 girls already, and I had made up my mind to give him my virginity as I wanted my first time to be awesome.

After months of trying, finally the week came when both of his flatmates were going away for some work, and we had the flat to ourselves. I was excited for the same, as well as he.

The night when we talked about what would happen the next day, I was wet completely as he described what he was going to do to me. The morning arrived, and after everything was set, I arrived at his flat at around 3 pm in the afternoon.

The moment he opened the door and saw me, he took me into his embrace and kissed me full on the mouth. I was wearing a one piece which ended just above my knees. Before he could do anything else, I locked the door. But he was not the one to stop.

He sandwiched me between the door and himself as he kissed me like there was no tomorrow. His hands went to the hook of my dress and struggled to open it while I took off his t-shirt to reveal that sexy torso.

With my dress not covering my body, I was kind of shy as this was the first time someone was seeing me in my bra and panty. Rahul removed his pajamas in the blink of an eye, as he held me in his arms to the bedroom. He threw me on the bed and pounced on the bed like a hungry animal.

He started kissing every inch of my body starting from my toes. His tongue and lips knew how to perform their job very well. He came up to my calves and my thighs. He reached my thongs, but without touching the same, moved up to my navel and sucked my navel like a kid.

Going upwards, he reached my belly and my bra but did not touch the same and reached my deep cleavage; licked it for a fair few seconds and up to my collarbone. He knew my weaknesses, and he started devouring my neck area, kissing and licking while his hands came to my back and tore my lacy bra.

Once free from the jail of the bra, my 34C boobs wriggled for him to take into his mouth. But he was not the one to give in. He kissed the whole area of my boobs leaving the nipple as I begged for him to touch those erect nipples. I tried to push his mouth towards my nipples but he wouldn’t budge in.

The whole act of his trying to stimulate me more and more was already making me more and more wet down there. I tried touching his underwear-clad 8-inch erect monster, which was unable to breathe inside the little underwear and I popped it open.

With all these things happening simultaneously, he suddenly touched those erect nipples with a peck of his lips and I could hold no more. I came with the touch of his lips on my nipples and my panty was soaking wet. But his lips, having found a new treasure just a matter of seconds before were not the one to leave it. He sucked the hell out of my nipples. I was continuously moaning and my moans aroused him more to continue the act.

Once he was done with my boobs, I could hold no more. I got up from the bed and took his dick in my hands like a lollipop. I removed the foreskin, and I saw he was completely erect, and throbbing to go into my heaven.

So I took the head inside my mouth, and he moaned to that. I wanted to give him cent percent of the pleasure which he had already given me. I started slow but by the end of 6-7 minutes, he was vigorously fucking my mouth and moaning that he might come soon. Then I took his balls in both my hands and started stimulating him more. True to his words, he came like a fountain and I was more than happy to swallow it all.

Once he was clean, he once again threw me to the bed and tore my wet panty to get to his place of heaven. He touched me, and I squealed like a little girl. This was my first manly touchdown in my vagina. I was clean shaved for him, and he loved the effort I had put on for him.

He located my clitoris real soon and his hands started the game. I was breathing too heavily as if this was the first and last time I was having sex. He licked my clit slowly and started fucking my clit through his lips and his tongue. I was shouting at every movement he made down there and pushed his little finger inside my wet pussy to loosen it.

With all the pushing and the licking, I orgasmed once again, and it was the best orgasm of my life. I had never come like that before. I was drenched in sweat in the AC room and he cleaned me completely.

We were both ready for the final act by then. He came above me, cleaned my fists with his, and pushed his 8-inch monster inside. It was painful, I screamed but he had only half of his dick was inside. I begged him to take it out as the pain was unbearable but he soothed me through his lips working on my boobs in the missionary position.

When he realized that I was enjoying it all and had forgotten about the dick, he locked his lips with mine and gave a sudden push. It made the pussy swallow the whole dick into the heaven of pleasure. I screamed once again but it was muffled due to his lips being on mine. I had tears in my eyes but he licked them away. He assured me that there was no more pain left and there was only pleasure left.

He removed his dick from my pussy completely. Once again, he started kissing my boobs and my cleavage to soothe me. In a matter of few minutes, I was back to my own-self and I wanted him to fuck me now. I positioned his dick on my vagina, and he pushed again.

It slightly pained but it went inside me in one full go. Now that the pain had subsidized and he started fucking me violently. I was trying to match with each and every thrust from his side, and moaning like hell. He had already cummed during the mouth session, so he knew he could last longer this time. I had already come once during the fucking session but he wouldn’t budge. He was not even tired.

We took to doggy position for better penetration and it was the best fuck of my life. His monster penetrated me further and we fucked for more than 20 minutes before he gave in.

When he realized he was about to come, he got into the missionary again and we came together like an avalanche. He kissed me full on the mouth and thanked me for giving him my virginity.

Once done, he saw the time; it was 7:30 pm in the evening. I saw the bed sheet, it had some red stains but none of us were in the condition to replace it.

We just laid there like a log of wood and later ordered food from Swiggy. We talked about my fantasies. I said that I always wanted to be submissive like the one in the movie “Fifty Shades of Grey”.

How he fulfilled my fantasy in the night is another story. I sign off now. I hope my story could make your dicks hard and your pussies wet.

Write to me at my email [email protected], and I will share further stories.

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