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By : Raj Jha

Hi, this is Raj jha from Mumbai. I’m 21 years old and atheletic with 5'6" height and 8" long 3"fat penis which girl love it. This is my 5th story in this site. This is true and horny story about me and my elder sis Sonia who is in her late 24, unmarried, having figure of 32-28-30 really hot and sexy. She is doing M.E. 2nd year and me B.E 3rd year that time we both had fun.

Coming to the story: we have four members in my family me, sis, pa, mom. Pa and Ma live mostly away from home. Sister spend much on her make ups, as I know she spend rs 1000 on her make up and clothes monthly. Once during Pooja I was given 1000 rs from sis and list of her things. I went market and bought every thing but she had not written size of her bra and panty. Shopkeper asked me what the size.

She replied dont know. Shopkeper-what a husband you are even dont know your wife size? I felt shy and showing one girl I said she is as her. I take every thing and went home and gave it to her.

Next morning after Pooja my parent went for their work and woke me up. When they had gone I came in sis room and slept as she was in bath. When she came out due to fragrance I wake up and I saw beauty on her towel only.

I planned to see my sis inner beauty so I pretend to sleep. She threw her towel and apply diffrent cream on her body and was trying to wear new bra but it was not fitting her although she wore it saying today is your last day, Vijay will torn it. I became shocked and thought who Bijay is. And then she started wearing panty which really is very difficult for her to wear. At the same time telephone rang and she asked me to pick up the phone but I was sleeping so I did not answer.

She asked 3-4 times then I woke up from her bed and picked up the phone. In phome I heard-"Sonia when will you come. I am very hungry I want you in the bed today. I made you pregnant today. I fuck you whole day come fast ok. And cut off the phone. And then went to her room and I become shocked by seeing her she war really look like and sexy ie. Sex godess.Same time I made plan to quench her thrist along with mine.

I asked her about him but she ignored.I asked what he told on phone and threten that I will ask pa about that.I think she must have been fucked before so I ask have you been fucked. She said I am virgin. I said I want to fuck you first else I will tell pa. She accepts it and i ask her to cook food and I went market and bought vibrator and new bra and panty. I asked her to put vibrator in her pussy and made it slow and made her to wear only bra and panty.

She cooked very nice food that day and we ate. During eating I made vibrator max speed which made her much excited and she cummed much during eating time so I take a glass and put near her chair and all her virgin juice get collected in glas. After food I go near her and start pressing her boobs. She was moaning loudly. After sometime I left her and went to my room and asked her to come. Before she comes I start my boyfriend computer.

When she came I asked have you seen such film. She-yes.Then I open my clothes and ask her to bring glass full of her cum.When she came I asked her to made me come as in film.She opened her mouth and took my whole tool upt o her throat.She begin to suck like slut.

When I was about to cum I took out my penis and cum in that glass and ask her to drink as it give you energy but she hesitates at but first then after convincing she drink all with out droplets.

I then went near her and asked to sleep ön bed she slept and I tied her hands and legs on bed and start sucking her vagina from her underware and after some time she became hot and was moving like fish with out water and then I also started playing with her boobs and it was increasing its size and finally her bra and with scissor I cut it and threw away.

After few time she started cumming and I sucked her above her panty and she was only moaning and I was trying to close her pussy but she was unable to help herself. After that a trick come in my mind and I bring some ice and tomato juice from freezer and put ice between her boobs and spread soup and ice on her whole body and start vibrator to max. I go out and buy 3 cigarrettes and came back right away. I apply honey on my tool and I saw her she was weaping and had closed her eyes.

I asked her to suck my tool but she asks me to insert as she cannot control anymore. I ask first I open your panty then I will fuck so take my tool and make it hard and I’m opening your panty. I kept my tool on her mouth and sleep in 69 positions and with cigar I start cutting her panty some time cipar touch her body part and she tried to cry but she can’t.

I rip her panty and removed it and same time I cum in her mouth and she was unable to breath and then I get up and brought honey but I saw her moaning and was asking to fuck faster. Then we both in heaven and cum spill on her pussy hole. Hey guys and girls you might thinking that it is not real but trust me it’s my own story and to those who have not fucked any one may try to fuck his sister. I will write soon. For feedback please mail me at

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