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Hi to all ISS readers and first of all I thiank you everyone for reading my story. This is Geeta from Chennai and m just 21 and married before 6 months. Im having a perfect body structure just like the Indian porn star booby Priya Rai 34 24 34 is my figure and Im slim and whitish.

The highlight of my body is my huge and firm boobs with that and I have flirted many boys in my area and coming to my family. Its a very sweet family of my husband and me. We got married between few months and working in a mnc.

Our marriage is a arranged marriage. My husband loves me a lot and I too love him madly. But his hr is mad on me. I have noticed that while he speaks with me and that he never asks me to do excess work other than my assigned works wanted

He asks me to come to his rooms and help him in certain works. Hmmm its my fate and I was doing in the mean time he was sighting my boobs and ass. I realized this after few days. One day wanted he fell over me while moving down in the lift.

I just changed my department and now Im working in development department. Nowadays my husband is so busy and he has started working for night shifts too to get a US project. So we are returning home at different timings.

Im returning at 6pm and he is returning at 1am and so he is not making me happy at bed. Knowing this his hr planned to have sex with me. One Friday morning my hubby called me and we were talking for a long time.

He asked sorry for his action and told that he is waiting to have a wild sex on that day night since Saturday is holiday. Noticing my husband talking for a long time with me his hr traced tat call and hear whatever we talked.

I went to home and prepared dinner then arranged my bed room and then I selected a sexy baby doll night suit from my wardrobe to wear. I kept tat on my bed and went to bath room to bath. After finishing bath I came out wrapping a towel.

I went to open the door as my calling bell rang. I thought that my hubby would have came and I ran to open the door but it was a great shock for me to see his hr waiting at my door. He came and sat on sofa. I was speechless at time and don know what to talk.

Water drops were flowing from my hair. He pulled my hand and asked me to sit near him. I asked to say the purpose of his visit to my home. He replied cool my dear don get tensed and he told me that hell help my hubby to get the US project only if I leave his hr to explore my pussy and body.

I was shocked to hear such a non sense talk from that hr and shouted him to leave my home then I went and slept well. After 2 hours my hubby came and he was so sad. I asked him the reason he told that hell not get the US project. He was very unhappy.

I thought to change his mood but I failed to divert him then and I told him about his hr act after hearing and my hubby told that his hr talked about this to him before a week and started to convince me and after a long conversation I accepted for this bad.

I asked my husband to be with me at that time and then he talked with his hr about this. His hr was very happy to hear this and said that he will be coming on Sunday evening. My husband helped me to get ready.

He applied cream and removed the hairs from my arm pits and pussy then and I wear a tight corset and a lacy g string to cover my pink pussy. It was 8 pm. The calling bell rang and my hubby opened the door and invited his hr inside and they started watching the TV.

I went to kitchen and prepared some juice for them and served the juices to them and then I sat in the middle of my husband and my hubby. His hr was astonished to see me in tat tight corset.

He kept the juice on the table and started kissing me on my neck lines. Hmmm I hold my husband hand tightly slowly he moved down and started caressing my boobs on the mean time my husband was providing me a deep French kiss.

Simultaneously the hr unzipped my corset and released those heavy boobs. He started playing with it madly like a small child. He was punching and squeezing and taking my boobs picture in his I phone in different angles.

He asked for some milk chocolates. My husband went to take the chocolates from the fridge and the hr carried me to the bed then he applied the chocolates over my boobs and started massaging then he started licking and sucking my left side boobs while my husband was sucking my right side boobs and fingering my pussy.

I was shaking my husbands 8 penis after this my hubby husband gave his dick in my mouth and I was blowing it like anything and sucking out the love juice and he was pressing my boobs very hardly. The hr went down to explore my pussy he was finger fucking it for some times and then started licking it very madly.

He dropped some milkshakes over my pussy and started licking it with my pussy juice. I was in heaven with his act and he is a god pussy licker after licking he placed over his penis over my pussy lips and started inserting it. His penis was huge in size and it was entering very tightly.

I started to scream in pain and to make me to bear the pain my husband holds my hands and gave me a tight lip kiss. This continued for 30 seconds and at last I cum. Hr removed his dick and split his white water over my boobs and asked for a boob fuck.

So he sat over the bed and I kneel down to boob fuck his penis. I kept his penis in the mid of my boob and started moving my boobs up and down and he told ahhhh this is what I wanted. Shrinath surely youll get the US project because your wife is working well with me.

I increased the speed and my husband went and bought some gel from the next room and started applying it on my ass hole opening and started massaging me and then the hr asked me to ride his dick and I sat on his lap and kept his dick in my pussy

And started riding his dick and slept on his chest and licked his chest in the mean while my husband was trying to insert his 8″penis into my anus yeah we did the double penetration too oohhh my god I cant explain that pain then the hr moved away and we did the anal in doggy style

After the hr left our home we went to bath. We slept on the bath tub for few minutes then opened the shower and started washing our body after washing he kept the shower on and inverted one small tub and asked me to keep one of my leg over the tub.

He inserted his dick into my pussy from back side and his hands were playing with my bouncing tits. I started screaming ahhhhh what a lovely pain mmmm increase the speed I want this like that and then he gave his juice in my mouth and then we went to bed and slept nude.

I was so tired and I wake up late and found that Shrinath has gone to office. I put leave on that day and continued going office from the next day on that day evening my husband came with good news. Yeah he got a chance to go US for a six month project and he go there by next months.

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