Rose and Emily

Rose sat on the couch her daughter Emily had just come in from sun bathing.

Rose a 54 yr old Architect. 5’10 Size 14 D long dark hair, blue eyes she wore a black and white skirt, white satin v neck blouse.

Emily a 21 yr old student 5,9 Size 12 C long dark hair blue eyes wore a black string bikini.

She say together talking. Rose admiring her daughters body, her tanned body in her bikini. They were very close anyway, they had skinny dipped on many occasions.

It happened. They leant in kissing lips. They french kissed. Rose smiled at her daughter as they sat closer kissing. Rose had the palm of her hand on her cheek. They kissed passionately on the couch in the lounge. The doors open to their courtyard. Rose put her hand on the back of Emily’s head running her hand through her hair as they kissed. She slid her hand to her shoulder down her arm to her hip. The kissed looking and smiling at each other as Emily held her mothers side. Rose put her hand on Emily’s bust, feeling her daughters breasts under the fabric.

Rose looked down as she fondled his bust. Emily kissed her mothers forehead as she leant in kissing Emily’s cleavage. Emily slid her hand behind her mothers head as she kissed. Rose moved her hand behind Emily’s neck undoing the tis on her bikini bra top. She pulled the top down her breasts falling out. Rose caressed them licking her nipples.

” Oh Mum.” Emily said groaning as Rose pushed Emily onto her back. Emily lay on the couch, Rose between her legs. One of Emily’s legs behind her mothers back the other off the edge of the couch her foot on the floor. Rose leant over her caressing her breasts and sucking Emily’s breasts. She kissed her chest and over her stomach rubbing her as she moved her hand over her bottoms, and inside her thighs. Emily caressed her own breasts as her mother rubbed over her bikini bottoms kissing along the top of the fabric. Emily groaned. Roses knuckled rubbing over her pussy. She looked up as she slowly undid the string ties to her bottoms. Once loose and undone she slowly pulled them down revealing her shaved pussy. Rose pulled them out from under her arse dropping them to the floor. She looked at her pussy admiring it running her fingers up and down it softly. She looked up at Emily smiling down at her mother playing with her pussy.

Rose leant in licking her clit softly as she rubbed her fingers up her pussy lips opening them up with her thumb and finger licking down inside to her vagina, tasting her tasty young juices. She slid her finger inside her vagina finger fucking her as she licked and flicked her clit with her tongue.

Emily groaned as she lay there. Rose stood up.

” Back soon.” She said.

A minute later she returned with a dildo.

” Mum ” Emily replied as Rose put on top of the couch her daughter lay naked in front of her. Rose undid her blouse taking it off. She reached behind her back unclipping her skirt letting it drop to the floor. She stood in her white lace G String and bra. She sat back between Emily legs grabbing the dildo rubbing over Emily’s clit down to her opening. Rose lid the dildo inside her pussy watching Emily groan as she slowly pulled it in and out of her pussy. Rose licked Emily’s clit as she thrusted her. Emily cupping her breasts fondling them.

Rose licked her clit watching the dildo thrust in and our of her daughters pussy.

” Are you a virgin baby ” Rose asked.

” No ” Emily said. ” Lose it when I was 17 ” she said.

” Fantastic ” Rose replied fucking her harder. Emily squeezed her breasts as Rose sped up with the dildo. Kissing up her stomach to her breasts sucking her nipples.

” Oh fuck mum” Emily said arching her back putting her head back groaning as she orgasmed.

” Good girl baby ” Rose replied. She smiled as Emily sat up kissing her mums lips the girls kissed as Rose rubbed Emily’s pussy between her open legs.

Emily fondled her mothers bust kissing down her neck pushing her back. She kissed her mothers cleavage getting up on the couch in her knees pushing Rose back. They passionately kissed Emily fondling Roses bust sliding her hand between her legs rubbing her mothers underwear over her pussy.

Emily reached behind unclipping Rose bra pulling it off her mothers breasts falling free. Her D cup breasts out on display. Emily licked her nipples fondling them.

” Fuck your tits are nice.” She said to her mother.

” Thanks baby.” Rose said watching her daughter lick and kiss her erect nipples as she fondled her breast. Emily circled Roses areola with the tip of her tongue as she slid her hand to her mums open legs. She rubbed up her mums lacy underwear. Her wet pussy lips visible through the lace. She sucked her mums nipples and put her hand inside her mums underwear feeling her moist pussy lips. She pushed her fingers over her clit, down inside her pussy lips to her opening rubbing around her hole.

Emily kissed down Roses stomach as she caressed her breasts with her other hand to the top of her underwear. She took her hand out, kissing down over Roses underwear over her pussy. She softly licked up the sides of her labias avoiding her pussy. Rose groaned as her daughter pleasured her

” Oh baby.” She groaned. Emily slid her mums underwear down her legs and off her feet. Rose opened her legs as Emily licked up her pussy lips to her clit circling it with the tip of her tongue and down inside her labias, she pulled then open and sucked them. She licked around Roses vagina opening pushing her tongue into her hole. She loved the taste of her mothers wet pussy juices. Emily licked and sucked for five minutes then grabbed the dildo inserting it inside her mother.

Rose groaned enjoying her daughter fucking her with the dildo as she licked her clit. Emily squeezed Roses nipples rolling them between her fingers. Rose held Emily’s head running her fingers through Emily’s hair as she pleasured her.

” Cum bitch ” Emily said fucking and licking her harder. Rose groaned louder lurching and wriggling as she orgasmed. Emily kissed up her body, kissing Roses lips. Emily say next to her kissing her. They kissed lips and caressed each others breasts.

” That was nice.” Rose said to her daughter.

” It was ” Emily said.” What would dad say if he found out we were doing this.”

” He doesn’t have to know.” Rose said.

” No, or my boyfriend ” Emily said.

” That your fucking your mother.” Rose said smiling kissing her lips.

They went to the pool and dived in naked, spending the rest of the afternoon nude sunbathing.