Run run

She ran her usual route through the forest. It took her exactly an hour from her car around the track and back to her car.

Today she was a hour late for her run. Getting children school. Husband left for work early.

She parked the car and stepped out, she did her warm up exercises. She wore her running shorts, her singlet that kept her B cup breasts in. She put the single car key in her zip pocket on her singlet.

She tied her long blonde hair behind her head and set off. The first 10 minutes was easy until she headed up the hill on the track. It was 11 am. Today she decided to go a different way that would take a extra 25 minutes. She got onto the track. She ran up the winding track through the trees. A track she had run many times before. She reached the top coming to a clearing which over looked the city. She stood for a minute. She was feeling slightly horny. She shook it off. She sat for a minute. She looked around. She smiled as she rubbed her pussy over her shorts. She then pulled them down wearing her underwear she rubbed inside them. She closed her eyes as she pleasured herself.

She opened her eyes to see two guys watching her.

” Shit ” She said pulling her hand out of her underwear standing pulling her shorts out.

” Fuck ” one of the guys said.

” Sorry I ” she said.

” Its ok.” Guy 2 said pulling his cock out. Guy 1 pulled his cock out.

” Theres no one around ” Guy 1 said.

” You can pass if you suck these.” Guy 2 said. Guy 1 now standing beside her. She got to her knees grabbing both cocks putting Guy 1 cock in her mouth she stroked it as she sucked. She sucked his for a minute them swapped to Guy 2 cock. She was actually enjoying it. She sucked harder both cocks. They stood her up fondling her bust, Guy 1 pulled down her shorts and underwear. He bent her over and put his cock in her pussy. Guy 2 put his cock back in her mouth. She sucked it as Guy 1 held her arse pumping her pussy.

Guy 2 held her hair pumping his cock in her mouth. She her hands on her knees as she held his cock with her mouth. Guy 2 groaned as he cum shooting cum over her mouth, she swallowed his cum.

They then swapped around. Guy 2 stood behind her putting his cock in her as Guy 1 put his cock in her mouth. Guy 1 pumped her mouth as Guy 2 pumped her pussy.

After a while after Guy 1 cum in her mouth. She licked and swallowed his juices up. They guided her to a log. They sat here down opening her legs. Guy 2 entered her again thrusting her hard. Guy 1 lifted her singet and bra exposing her petite breasts. Guy one wanked his cock as he played with her tits. After a few minutes they swapped around. Guy 1 entered her pussy as Guy 2 played with her tits masturbating. After 10 minutes of swapping around with each other Guy 2 cum in her pussy. Guy 1 entered her pushing Guy 2 cum out of her thrusting her then minutes later cum in her as well.

They made her lick there cocks clean then dressed and walked off laughing about the slut they had fucked in the Bush.

She continued her run through the bush ending up at her car 2 hours later.

She had mixed emotions about what had just happened. Part of her enjoyed it, the other part wasn’t so sure. She drove home getting into the shower. The guys cum still oozing from her pussy. Her cum stained underwear and shorts and singlet.

She through them into the rubbish and washed her pussy out again then dressed and went to pick her kids up from school and cook tea for when her husband would get home.

Her secret that would stay with her. She still runs that track but doesn’t stop anymore.