The Payment

Abdul was working in the small corner shop that was owned by his family, his sister who was sixteen years of age two years older than what he was had gone home early because she was not feeling well, Abdul knew he would have to lock the shop up at closing time but it did not bother him he was happy to lock up. Abdul looked out the window and saw sixteen year old Sara standing on the corner, Abdul knew that Sara was a trouble maker and could be very violent, as he looked out the window Abdul saw Sara suddenly start to run and saw she was running towards the shop, Sara ran into the shop saying ” hide me where can I hide” before he could say anything Sara quickly moved behind the counter and hid underneath it saying ” don’t tell anyone that I am here” Abdul looked out the window saw two police offices looking around, one walked to the shop stepped inside and asked Abdul if he saw which way the girl who had been standing  on the street corner had gone, before he could say anything Abdul felt Sara rub his crutch, Abdul looked at the police officer and said ” that way” pointing up the street as he did, he could still feel Sara rubbing his crutch, Abdul saw the  two police officers run up the street in the direction he had pointed and after they were out of sight Abdul told Sara that they had gone, Sara said to Abdul” thank you well done keep watching” then to his surprise Sara started undoing his trousers and when they were undone she pulled his six inch erection out and after telling him to keep watch she took Abdul’s dick into her mouth and started to suck it,  Abdul could not believe what was happening, he had never had his dick sucked before but now the white thug was doing it, Abdul stood there enjoying have the older white girl suck his dick and after five minutes said ” I am going to cum” and squirted his cum into Sara’s mouth, Sara sucked on for a minute before stopping, Abdul put his dick away, Sara asked if it was clear, Abdul looked out the window and after seeing nobody in the street he told Sara that it was all clear, Sara got up from under the counter smiled at Abdul and said to him ” you got your cock sucked for helping me” and headed towards the door stopped looked back at Abdul and said ” your cock is the first Bengali cock I ever sucked and for a boy younger than me you got a lot of spunk only just managed to swallow it all”  and left the shop. Two nights later Abdul was on his own in the shop when Sara walked into the shop with her mate Karen, Sara said to him ” your luck is in” Karen went behind the counter knelt down undid Abdul’s trousers pulled his dick out and started to suck it, Abdul stood as Karen sucked on his dick and when he squirted his cum into Karen’s mouth like Sara had done she swallowed it all, Karen stood up looked at Sara and said ” your fucking right he has got a hell of a lot of spunk in that cock of his” both girls left the shop, Abdul could not believe that he had been sucked off by two sixteen year old white girls on different nights.